Warner Bros Pictures is renowned for its great and expertly-developed movies. The latest film in the company's arsenal is "Transcendence". This is a thrilling science-fiction film which is packed with intrigue and profound raw human emotion. Wally Pfister has won accolades working as a director under the renowned Christopher Nolan. "Transcendence" marks a departure for Pfister and the beginning of an adventure because he is directing his own movie. The script is the work of Jack Paglen. The entire movie takes 120 minutes and will grace theatres worldwide on 18th April 2014. The cast is well-chosen and experienced and will be lead by Johnny Depp who plays the main character, Dr Will Caster. I'm writing this announcement 1 month before the movie is coming out and i can tell you already there is a huge hype made by people who wanna watch Transcendence ASAP.

Dr Caster is renowned for his research studies in Artificial Intelligence. He would like to develop an animate machine which can bring together the entire assortment of intelligences in the universe and blend it with the available array of individual emotions. While the good doctor is gaining fame for his exploits and endeavors, people opposed to technology are up in arms against him and want to stop his experiments. This opposition motivates him to experiment on himself thus catapulting him to the pinnacle of his career as well as to greater controversy. Essentially, Dr Caster participates in transcendence that he has devised through his experiments. Dr Caster's friend, Max Walters, as well as Mrs. Caster (Evelyn) are not sure whether to participate. But nothing will stop Dr Caster from attaining the power he craves as the two researchers come to realize. You will be able to watch Transcendence here on our website as soon as it arrives in cinemas!

The trailer for "Transcendence" is ready for you to watch and get a sneak preview into this captivating movie. Make sure you visit your local film theatre to know when "Transcendence" will be screened after it is rolled out globally. This exhilarating movie is rated PG-13.

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